Leverage the power of Amazon to understand and enhance your brand’s performance.

It’s time to realise the true potential of the Amazon platform for your brand.

Amazon is one of the world’s biggest e-retailers. In the US, almost 50% of ecommerce sales happen through the platform. Yet the opportunity for businesses goes beyond simply scaling marketplace performance.

At Vector, we use Amazon’s vast shopper dataset to connect the dots between consumers, commerce and channels – empowering you to grow revenue and profitability, whilst supporting biodiversity funding at the same time.

Vector is a 360 Amazon Business

Amazon Marketplace

Operating in over 50 countries and servicing approximately 2.7 billion people globally, the Amazon marketplace connects your brand with an unrivalled number of potential customers.

Amazon Shopper Data

With direct access to Amazon’s vast first party dataset and an expertly crafted taxonomy, we target your campaigns with laser-sharp precision – as well as unlocking deep insights.

All Addressable Data

Our programmatic experts ensure your campaigns are seen by the right audience, in brand safe environments, on the right device, at exactly the right time.

How we grow your business on Amazon

Amazon Audience Media and Vector Intelligence Powered Audiences (VIP) – understand and act on consumer behaviour to improve campaign performance. We harness the immense power of Amazon’s shopper data to uncover real-world consumer insights.

Amazon Marketplace Management – stand out on the global ecommerce stage. Using our deep platform expertise, we help you fully realise your potential on Amazon – from set up and build, through to optimisation and growth.

Amazon Audience Media

First Party Data Security
Retail Data-driven Advertising
Superior Ad Performance

Endemic and non-endemic brands

Amazon Marketplace Management

Build your brand
Optimise your sales
Grow your market share

Endemic to Amazon Brands

Amazon Audience Media

The key to profitable Amazon advertising is understanding what sells best, then adopting smarter strategies using this data. To reveal these deep level, game-changing insights, we have developed Vector Intelligence Powered Audiences (VIP). This is how Vector drives superior campaign performance for your brand.

We have developed our own Audience taxonomy (VIP Audiences), which is then leveraged by our passionate team to programmatically build, buy and optimise digital advertising campaigns. These are then deployed across Amazon Retail Media, leading content publishers, open exchange media and Amazon Prime Video.

Going beyond simply elevating your message, we ensure your brand is effectively connecting with the intended audience on the right platform, at exactly the right time.

What we will do

Retail Driven Advertising

Drive engagement, sales, and loyalty. We leverage the most insightful source of retail data to target, personalise, and measure your campaigns.

First Party Data Security

Thrive in a cookie-less future. We only use first party data to ensure the ethical and responsible use of customer data in advertising.

Superior Ad Performance

Achieve better ROI from your campaigns and deliver more relevant, personalised, and effective advertising experiences for consumers, thanks to retail data-driven strategies.

How we will do it

Retail Audience Data

Our accurate audience modelling provides superior performance and enhanced insights across Amazon’s vast ecosystem.

AAM: Amazon Audience Media

Harnessing Amazon’s powerful AI driven advertising technology, we reach relevant audiences across channels like Amazon Retail, connected TV (Prime), and open third-party Ad exchanges.

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)

This sophisticated audience building tool reveals how first party audiences perform at different stages of the consumer journey – and how these overlap with the marketing funnel.

Amazon Marketplace Management

Thrive on Amazon with the help of our Marketplace Management Specialists. Our years of experience and continuously evolving approach mean we are the right choice to build your brand, optimise your performance, and grow your market share on Amazon.

With our data-driven approach, we work with both sellers and vendors to offer full operational support, smart content Services, SEO analysis and Amazon PPC advertising strategy and execution.

What we will do

Build your brand

Amazon has fundamentally changed the way people shop. We help you stay ahead and effectively use the platform to build your brand and generate sales.

Optimise your sales

Improve sales the smart way. Our dedicated team of Amazon experts leverage data to deploy the right strategies to supercharge your Advertising and Organic sales.

Grow your market share

Gain an informed view across different market categories and retail trends. Our data-driven approach to performance drives revenue and grows market share.

How we will do it


Account Audit

Discover where performance can be improved with our traffic light analysis.

Brand Registry

Help protect your intellectual property across the Amazon marketplace

Stock Analysis

Keep storage costs low and ensure optimal stock availability.


Product Detail Pages (PDPs)

Maximise a product’s discoverability with data and SEO insights.

Brand Stores

Drive sales with a highly engaging and visual brand identity.

A+ Content

Supercharge cross-selling opportunities as consumers inspect your product credentials.

Sponsored Products

In-Console Listings

Get detailed campaign structures and strategies, built by Amazon PPC Specialists.


Keep campaigns on track with ROAS goals guiding all optimisation tactics.


Drive in-market performance with weekly and monthly reporting that highlights trends.

Fuel your growth with the Amazon Flywheel

A unified strategy across operations, content, sponsored products, and Amazon advertising is vital to performance.

To achieve this ‘flywheel effect’ and unlock the full potential of Amazon’s marketplace, we ensure all elements work harmoniously together.

By prioritising account health, content quality, operational efficiency, and strategic advertising, potential headaches are transformed into key components of a successful omni-channel retail strategy

Account health & performance

Optimised listings & Enhanced Content

High Ratings & Enhanced Content

Advertising Management

Insight & Training

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